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(Original Caption) New York: Rain Dampens Stromboli Opening. In all that has been written and spoken about L'Affaire Bergman, with movie fans it is the play that counts. So when Miss Bergman's picture Stromboli opened at the Criterion Theater today, rain didn't keep the fans from lining up. Stromboli is the movie that was made on the volcanic Italian isle where Director Robert Rossellini and Swedish movie star Ingrid Bergman engaged in the romance that made world healines. The film has been banned in some A

A Roberto Rossellini

Marquesinas y Estrenos de Cine (64) A Roberto Rossellini. 8/5/1906. In memoriam. El estreno de "Stromboli" ( Stromboli, tierra de…

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circa 1931: People flock to a cinema to see 'City Lights', the latest Charlie Chaplin film, at the George M. Cohan Theater on Broadway, Times Square, New York City. (Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images)

A Charles Chaplin

16 de abril de 1889, A Charles Chaplin Marquesinas y Estrenos de Cine (58) El 30 de Enero de 1931se…

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